Sheena Xinyi Huang

Systems & Society
Image: Insomnia is both an individual health issue and a public concern in many countries, even if many people do not treat insomnia as a serious issue or fail to realize personal challenge related to insomnia. I have attached great importance to insomnia and determined to gain a clearer understanding about its causes or effects at individual and social level. Drawing inspiration from realistic problems faced by myself and people in society, my system aim to use fashion design techniques to build a comfortable and safe zone and justify it as a wise solution to help those who suffer from insomnia.
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Image: System Visualization: The textiles, fabrics and tactile impression can help users of the comfort and safety zone to truly feel comfortable and gain a sense of security. The proposed solution is expected to integrate fashion, fabrics and design techniques to deal with the realistic issue of insomnia. My system aims to apply fashion design techniques to build a safe and comfortable zone that can calm and comfort individuals, emphasize a sense of security, relief mental stress, and comfort people.
Image: Design Inspiration
Image: Design Inspiration
Image: Design Development
Image: Design Development


Sheena Xinyi Huang is a chinese fashion designer born in Shenzhen, China. As her personal grewing up experience of moving around far from home and studying in Parsons school of design for four years, she is in depth with finding and observing herslef and reflect herself into her artwork.



Instagram: sheena.xyh