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Surviving Death of the Sun: Pieces that live and breath

Surviving Death of the Sun by Renee Xie represents a new mindset to look at sustainability in fashion. This is a speculative project that incorporates Biodesign, Artificial Intelligence and Fashion Design to look at how humanity can survive on our own means in the case of the death of the sun.
This concept is both literal and metaphorical. The pressing issues of climate change, pandemics, and overly fast AI development creates an air of uncertainty that hangs over our world. It seems as though we are living in a time that is both literally and metaphorically akin to the days before the death of the sun.
Image: I approached this project as phase 1 of this exploration. Looking specifically into the potential of textiles and surfaces that can generate clean oxygen and renewable energy with the help of AI. Offering a new approach to combating climate change.
Image: To tackle these challenges, I decided to focus on developing three core materials: Mycelium Lifewear, Photosynthetic Bioplastic, and Renewable Solar Energy. While keeping the production process approachable and easy to make at home with ingredients and objects we already have.
Image: Photosynthetic Bio-Plastic Vest
Image: AI Assisted UV Detector Dress
While keeping in mind that we are designing with time, we added a four week timeline for each recipe to help you with your own creation.
Image: Here is how to grow something out of mycelium
Image: Shake the injected mycelium grains bag vigorously
Image: Before the helmet is ready for use, you must harvest the mushroom first and let the helmet dry to cure.
Image: Once the mycelium is dry to the bone, it can be as strong as a brick.
Image: Here is how to make Bio-Plastic
Image: Remember that it's ok to make a mess!
Image: Dry for 1 week.
Image: Then peel the bio-plastic off the silicon mat.
Image: An embedded chip to let you know all the data your garment collected throughout the day.
Image: AI Chip
Image: Here is how to build solar powered circuits
Image: Bag straps acting as a solar panel
Image: UV detective lights under artificial UV rays


Renee Xie is a New York based Fashion & Sustainability Designer who is dedicated to crafting functional materials that have a positive impact on the environment. By shattering the conventional limitations of sustainable fashion by integrating cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence into her designs. She continues to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion, seeking new ways to innovate and create designs that inspire change and promote environmental consciousness.