Liying Cheng

Systems & Society


I try to explore the boundary between life and death, perhaps death is the only meaning of life.
Through my series of designs, I show the process of sensory disorder, distortion, amplification, and finally deformation and destruction by the information overload in today's society as I experience the "end of my spiritual world". This is probably a reflection of the process of a generation or a class of people being overwhelmed and losing themselves in this troubled information age. It is also my speculation about the future state of human society based on my own personal experience.
In this way, I want to find more people who, like me, feel extremely anxious and desperate about the world under the pressure of such multiple information, and make them realize that -- they are not alone.


Fashion Design: Liying Cheng
Photo: Camille Lin
Model: Lijie Xie

Instagram: weredamancy


I prefer to name myself a fashion or art creator than a fashion designer because it gives me more creative freedom to design fashion, create fashion, and not be limited to fashion.

I like to record those ordinary moments that are easy to be ignored. Such as the purest human atmosphere, and the real stories that happened around me. I use my camera and collage to record and collect the stories of ordinary people. Those who are drowned by the busy city usually have the most genuine touch and the most straightforward sense of shock.

I am a story listener in the real world, and those people, things, or civilizations with stories are what I want to try my best to keep in this fast-paced era.

I am also a dream seeker in the virtual world, and I often look for answers in the dream. I believe this is a superpower given by God to everyone, a special channel to connect us with another world.

It is interesting to reflect on the untouchable assumptions and fantasies while being in the real world. I like to find people who disagree with the prevailing values of the world. They could be Psychiatric patients, Criminals, Or artists. Those seemingly radical and absurd theories may be the trigger or perhaps the antidote.

Reflecting on myself is also my way of getting information, looking at my emotions and feelings, searching for my innermost desires, and then presenting them to the world in my artistic language. It can be a costume, a short film, or an abstract painting.

I’m trying to break the rules and the mainstream world with my own language.