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The Animism Video Trailor

Thesis 2: Systems &amp; Society. S1. Sp23<br>Kexin Liu

The Animism
The theme is named “Animism”, which refers to a belief system that asserts that all things, animate and inanimate, have a soul or spirit. This thesis proposal aims to explore the relationship between humans and nature from the perspective of animism.

In a hypothetical world where animism is a reality and all living beings have agency, they begin to use their power to gradually take control of the Earth and humans, parasitizing or symbiotically coexisting with them, growing a second layer of skin texture or bone structure. This system triggers people's thinking and brings awareness. When humans cannot control the damage they inflict on nature in pursuit of their own interests, do we need a second civilization or species to help humans live better?
Image: Drawing line-up
The thesis takes inspiration from five different organisms to showcase the varying degrees of integration with humans, ranging from low to high, by presenting different species in various forms through clothing as a medium.

This look draws inspiration from deep-sea fish, with the top part resembling a skeletal structure that has regrown after being parasitized by a deep-sea creature, while the bottom part is bound by a shape similar to a fishtail.

The top is made from stretchy knit fabric, while the bottom features a combination of stretchy jersey fabric and waterproof material.

This look is inspired by the cocoon of a silkworm, where the body is enveloped and enclosed in a transparent cocoon, symbolizing the birth of new life.

This piece features buttons on the sides of the bottom of the top, the sleeves, and the binding of the skirt, which allows for flexible and creative assembly and disassembly, resulting in various forms and styles.
Image: This look draws inspiration from the butterfly, a creature with a short lifespan but strong vitality, making it the most optimistic piece in the entire collection. The entire outfit is in white, with the body made of white stretchy fabric and the sleeves and leg warmers featuring a plush texture.

This look takes inspiration from lichen, which symbolizes that the body is covered by lichen or moss and has irregular contours due to the growth of microorganisms. The entire piece is made from stretchy knit fabric, while the print on the top is a color composition created using AI and Photoshop after scanning soil and some waste fabrics.

The arms and head of this look are completely enveloped by black cocoon-like structures, creating a sense of sensory deprivation and almost complete parasitism.

The use of black cocoon structures creates a striking visual contrast with the rest of the outfit. The dress of this outfit features a black stretchy fabric, while the sleeves are made of silk organza.