Katrina Cherk

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Heal Through Time - Short Film

Define ‘cancer’, 'AYA' cancer’, ‘cancer survivor’...the process of grief...
A cycle in which you handle grieving. It starts from denial, transitions to depression, then comes up to an upward turn––at least that’s usually how it goes. The books write it as having 5 to 7 stages.
However, the more someone analyzes it, especially for someone who has gone through it a couple times, the process is more complicated than one may imagine. The twists and turns of emotions can become a frenzy, and realistically, it is.
Image: Heal Through Time - Lookbook. 2023.
Like cancer’s occurrence and sometimes reoccurrence, emotions have a way of relapsing and floating up and down, from despair to hope, and back to despair. It’s not so simple, as someone who can portray hopefulness may still be in denial.
I started this project with with the hope to tell people that it’s perfectly normal what you are going through, all the emotions, thoughts and feeling, it’s okay to be feeling that way. I can’t tell you what to do or how to go about it, if there’s a right or wrong way about AYA cancer.
Video: Heal Through Time teaser
full short film -> hercherk.com/healthroughtime


Katrina Cherk was raised internationally all her life, living in multiple countries, crossing international borders & experiences. She is a free-spirited life-learner, and has an immense passion for the arts. Her creative ethos stems from a purpose and life-long storytelling. Allowing her to delve deep into what it really means to represent something. This project is a project of many to come, allowing her to share her stories in a creative light, and to find better representations for topics with sensitivity as this. She hopes that throughout her career, she is able to shed light on things that create a momentum of truth.

As a creative in fashion, graduating from Parsons, The New School in New York City as a BFA Fashion Design student. Her lifelong mission is to use her creativity to empower. She loves to create in abstract ways, learning and growing through the process, and continually redefining what it means to be a creative person.