Katherine Harbold

Systems & Society
Image: Raphael Gaultier Photography 2023

a saccharine state

Memory is how we communicate, how we live, and how we love. I began the process of uncovering my deepest, core memories as my childhood home got listed for sale in 2022. Conducting archival research, I uncovered the clothing and textiles of my youth. I have fostered a deep connection to the clothing I have worn throughout my life, becoming a way for me to define memories and punctuate events. I translated this into my thesis project, creating an archival photo book of my childhood garments, as well as four new pieces made from each old garment. I hope to successfully reflect on stored memory and identity formation, explore the connection between object and memory, and create tangible outcomes that sustainably connect with my personal artistic practice. I hope that you, as well, may feel the same playful presence of memory within this project, and begin to recognize that clothing and textile can serve a greater purpose for us all...
Image: Photography - Raphael Gaultier
Secondary Model - Serena Mello
All clothing designed, patterned, cut and sewn by Katherine Harbold, exclusive of Levi's Jeans used for styling


Katherine Harbold is a designer from Philadelphia, PA currently working and living in New York City. After moving to New York in 2020, she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion design at the Parsons School for Design, completing her degree in May of 2023. Her personal work focuses on clothing in the context of society and the systems in which we work, live, and love. To Katherine, clothing has always served a higher purpose of connection and recollection, storing moments and memories amongst the seams. She is currently working in the fashion industry as a social media coordinator.