Karis Gould

Systems & Society
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In our world where digital presence is ever so prevalent we are surrounded by recirculations and recreations of the same ideas every day. This made me think about how this affects the way we present ourselves and ultimately led me to the question of how do we identify in the age of imitation? WAKE is a system that aims to rethink the way we design with this in mind to better meet the needs of our customers. Using AI as the catalyst for creativity, I created a lineup entirely tailored to the characteristics of the individual while using the digital space to create a streamlined version of the couture process. The digital portal allows for full interaction with the garment pre-production creating meaningful connections between the garment and the wearer and eliminating the disconnect between what is trendy and what is truly us.
Contact Info:
Email: bykarisgould@gmail.com
Instagram: @bykarisgould
Website: https://www.bykarisgould.com/
Image: Look 1
Image: Look 2
Image: Systems Map
Image: Digital Lineup Looks 1-5
Image: Look 3
Image: Look 4
Image: Look 5
Image: Digital Lineup Looks 6-9


Karis Gould is a Pennsylvania-born digital designer based in New York. She designs with curiosity and fascination towards the digital world while still remaining present in the fact that fashion is a physical art form. With a background in Materiality and Systems, her work places an emphasis on quality construction and hand-sewn detailing with designs mindful of the self and the body. She believes in creating customized pieces with sentimental value. Her work focuses on bridging the gap between digital and physical fashion, aiming to build systems using the two to create a more ethical and sustainable industry.