Jiayang Liu

Systems & Society
Image: This project is inspired by my own habit of collecting non-functional objects that are oftenly considered as “useless” or broken. After studying the objects I’ve collected and stored in my room, I soon discovered an interesting relationship between my objects and me, that is, instead of using the obejcts according to its designated functionality, I’m letting the objects tell me how to use them from its form, material, and texture. Later I developed this concept into the relationship we have with our garments and propose the idea of having the garment takes over our body. Through building this reversed power structure, I’m able to deconstruct the existing fashion norms such as gender expectations, body stereotypes and so on. The collection mainly sourced from recycled fabric and thrown away objects.
Image: The name Journey's Edge refers to the boundary or limit of a journey. It represents pushing garments to the very edge of exploration, venturing into unknown territories, and embracing the thrill of the unexplored. The collection embodies the idea of pushing boundaries, taking risks, and stepping outside one's comfort zone.
Image: Experiments on shapes with plaster stripes and recycled paper.
Image: Hand Braided Belt/Body Accessory
Recycled Yarn & Found Objects
Image: Materiality

Broken/unwanted home objects
Natural resin with clay and felt
Image: Fitting Ensemble 2
Image: More Process +

Lookbook :https://liuj563.wixsite.com/julialove