Izzy Wu

Systems & Society


Izzy is a textile-based fashion designer who strives to create one-of-a-kind experiences in clothing, furniture and soft goods. Growing up in a multicultural family in Taiwan, Izzy’s childhood was an amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures. Izzy was homeschooled in a bilingual household, which led to a curriculum that emphasized art, design, and cultural studies.

In 2019 Izzy moved to New York to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Parsons. Over the course of her college career, product and industrial design would become heavy influences as she honed her skills in machine and industrial knitting in fashion. In 2022 Izzy was a highlighted student for creating adaptive athletic wear in collaboration with Special Olympics’ powerlifting athletes. Her graduating thesis is a speculation on how design can incorporate healthy and playful habits into an individual’s life through the media of garments and furniture.