Abby Mikuluk

Systems & Society
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Image: String Theory.
Image: String Theory.


A professor of mine once referred to my work as “haphazard” I didn’t mind that comment, this is all I’ve ever known, growing up with less, surrounded by people with less, I always wanted more. My hectic life bred my loud mind. I enjoy “busy” But I enjoy it most when I can create and control it. Materiality and embellishments are essential to me. I enjoy bringing life to my work and my environment. My work is first activated within the self. To me, fashion is not about how much you know or even who you know and reference, it's about the self. The body. The mind. My body and my mind are never in agreement with each other and my art reflects this. I feel constantly in conflict and extremely indecisive which often leads me to create work about two conflicting ideas. In my thesis project, I have done this by reflecting on what waste means to me as a general hoarder, collector, lover of things. A super ultra mega maximum maximalist. As an artist, I am very passionate about inspiring others to work with what they already have. I truly believe that every answer you could ever search for is already within you. My world revolves around me. My work is deeply personal in that way. There is power in creating for yourself, within yourself, by yourself. Solitude motivates me just as it comforts me and gives me space to exist as the artist that I want to be.   

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