Usury Sacramento

Video: Adornos-Collection Trailer

Thesis Statement

My thesis is a visual representation of what it means to be from neither here nor there but right in between. A showcase of different experiences of being first generation, Mexican-American in New York City, and the process of finding myself through adornment. The inspiration for adornos comes from my everyday practices, such as embellishing my hair and other forms of dress. My collection represents both cultures and the in-between through materiality. This material consists of textiles that have been woven, braided, dyed, and embroidered. The garments are made using different weights and washes of denim that reference American textiles and sub-cultures, along with NYC youth. The silhouettes reference Mexican garments and techniques, including the Huipil dress, charro suit embroidery, and Folklorico skirts. Other materiality includes a variety of metals, such as brass and gold, that have been used to make accessories. Each piece in my collection pays homage to the art of hair adornment, whether it references braiding or embellishment.
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