Lingyi Chen

According to incomplete statistic, there are around 3800 existing cultures, more than 100 types of mythology, over 4000 monster figures. Monster goes by Yokai, the general pronunciation in east Asia.
“Are we scared of the monsters? or we simply have fear of the unknown?”  When my life goes frustrating, it feels like a Yokai blocking my future and making it vague. Sometimes the whole world shares the same group of Yokais, as when we were facing a war, going through the depression and beating up the pandemic.


Lingyi Chen, was born in November 2000 in China, spent her first 18 years in her home city and travelled all around with her family. During the road trips along the boundaries of China, she dreamt to explore the diversity of nature and cultures as her life-goal. 2019, she moved to New York and completed her 4-year-education in Parsons, the New School. With the awareness of enthusiasm in fashion, Lingyi has been engaging her love in multi-cultures into her designs. Meanwhile, she keeps exploring potential possibilities of fashion industry. By interning in global-wide corporations, she participated into the whole process of fashion like design, materiality, production and curation.