Heather Young Sun Moon


Cover to Reveal

The genesis of the Cover to Reveal collection emerged from my experiences of being subject to the gaze of strangers and feeling a loss of control over my body due to the twisted perspectives of the watchers. Within this collection, I have distinguished and merged layers representing the interplay between myself and the world around me.
Through voyeuristic films like Rear Window, Being John Malkovich, and Peeping Tom, I have observed how voyeur create their narrative of another's life by peeping into their personal space, thereby transforming the everyday into a form of entertainment. 

The Cover to Reveal collection seeks to confront the twisted perspectives by covering the body with pleated or imprinted body parts on denim, velvet, and poplin fabrics to reveal the shape and form of the body without the sexualized gaze often directed toward women’s body parts.


Young Sun is a womenswear designer from South Korea who developed a passion for art at a young age. Over the years, she has cultivated a unique taste, drawing inspiration from surrealist art and films, which informs her design process. At the age of 16, Young Sun decided to study art in the United States, where she confronted the harsh realities of racism and sexism as an Asian woman. This experience has inspired her to challenge the sexualized gaze on women's bodies through her work. Young Sun has honed her versatile skills in design, textile development, and 3D modeling to create a truly unique aesthetic.