Hadassah Aristide


the wind at your back

My interest in soft sculpture has led me towards an exploration of the union between the fashioned body and the natural elements. This collection, titled ‘The Wind at Your Back’, utilizes parachutes as an instrument to experience the interaction of nature and the silhouette.
Image: In essence, the wind acts as the final component of the garment, bringing volume and shape to the silhouette, and thus creating a soft sculpture piece. The element of the wind adds to the transformative nature of the collection, as it acts in bringing the sculpture coming to life as both body and object, and part of the sculpture falling back into reality as the fashioned body.
Image: This collection takes inspiration from parachutes themselves, as well as the chutes from which they come out of. Photographs like these illustrate the interaction between body and nature that I wish to emulate throughout my collection.
Image: The silhouettes also take from the parachutes themselves, as the inclusion of the vents in the garments would help with airflow and control as they inflate.
Image: I also reference the patterns and visuals of the parachutes as they appear in old catalogues and advertisements.
Image: Based on my visual research, I begin to develop my own parachutes.
Image: After developing parachute samples, I begin implemening parachutes into garments, putting them into the back of a jacket, for example.
Image: final line-up


Hadassah Aristide is a New York based artist and designer with a focus on soft sculpture and fashion. Through the marriage of sculpture and fashion, she seeks to create ‘embodied sculptures’, in which the human body interacts with the work in some way. Hadassah’s latest work has taken interest in bodily interaction with natural elements, like that of wind, to create her sculptural piece