Ethan Yang

Descent is created as an extension of constant introspection, a study of personal psychology dissecting abstract feelings and unconscious thoughts to achieve newfound senses of mental clarity and fortitude. The act of introspection is rife with pain and struggle as we tear apart old conceptions of who we are
to rebuild ourselves constantly in our lives as changing human beings striving to achieve growth. To continuously reflect requires us to go inwards, deeper and deeper, into the hole of our subconscious, facing the fears of falling too far down into our individual torment.


Ethan Yang is a New York-based designer whose work explores psychological nuances of the human experience through vaguely autobiographical examinations of emotion, memory, and bodily feeling. He was born in Los Angeles but moved around frequently during childhood, ultimately settling in Seattle in his teenage years. During this time, he found interest in fashion, art, and music, grounding in subcultures like grunge and punk. He began designing clothes through upcycling old garments and continues this practice today as a means of investigating contemporary ways in which the method of making can be further expanded upon.