Divisha Singhania


The Cosmic Threads

Interweaving the universe, one stitch at a time


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Behind the scenes, Shoot planning, Looks styling
Image: Discover the exquisite styling that elevates the Cosmic Threads collection, meticulously curated to embody power, confidence, and self-love. The collection's divine hairstyles range from celestial pearl and rhinestone-adorned looks to sultry, wet, and wavy styles, all designed to evoke the ethereal essence of goddesses.
Image: Complementing these looks, the makeup artfully blends boldness and beauty with vibrant shades and graphic liners, while dusky, smoky eyes add a hint of mystery.
Video: A detailed video showing the shooting process and BTS!


I've started a personal and creative journey that combines self-expression, individuality, and the transformative power of clothing because of my unwavering passion for luxury fashion. My diverse internships within the industry have shaped my path and refined my skills. My designs exude opulence, and artistic flair, and empower others to embrace their uniqueness.

To me, fashion transcends aesthetics, acting as a catalyst for self-discovery and connection. Merging luxury and innovation, my creations captivate while fostering a symbiotic bond between the individual and the garment. As an emerging designer, I continuously evolve, embracing new possibilities within fashion and the human experience.

Each design represents my commitment to pushing creative boundaries, with every stitch reflecting my artistic spirit and an unyielding desire to inspire through the transformative power of clothing.