Allison Duckman



Thesis Statement:
Despite being an adult, I still hold onto the sense of wonder and joy I experienced during my childhood. The A.Duckman collection is a tribute to this idea. The inspiration for this collection came from my favorite toys and crafts growing up. The result was brought to life through both domestic and Dubied knitting machines as well as by hand through crocheting and hand sewing. Draping sessions were an important part of this process as they were used to inform the silhouettes of most garments. The collection incorporates a range of natural fibers, such as merino wool and mohair, and more unconventional materials, such as Perler beads, to create playful and repetitive designs. Overall, the A.Duckman collection is a testament to the power of childhood imagination and the beauty of holding onto a sense of wonder throughout life. My designs invite wearers to tap into their youthful spirits and embrace the joy and playfulness of life.


Allison Duckman is a Toronto-born knitwear designer, based in New York. Her philosophy centers around instilling joy, and wonder in others, particularly reminiscent of childhood memories. Allison pulls from children's toys, books, and craft supplies, as the source of inspiration for most collections. Her fascination with scale is also a key element in her design approach. She often uses natural fibers as well as unique objects to crochet, hand knit, and knit up garments on her domestic machine and the Dubied machine. Allison's dedication to her craft, combined with her imaginative approach to design, results in playful and enchanting collections.