Aliya Hidirlar

Image: Harem Pant with Tailored Waist Band - Fitted Vest with Horse Hair Seaming
Image: Horsehair Embroidery Waxed Canvas Trench paired with Spur Necklace / Hand Crafted Bolo Tie
Image: Angora Goat Lock Twill Skirt - Goat Hide Leather Structured Bodice with Goat Horn Closure

Goat Hide Apron paired with
Image: Horse Hair Seamed Vest / Harem Pant / Antelope Horn Body Jewlery
Image: Tailored Vest With Horse Hair Seaming for structural support / Spur Necklace


Ingridi Viruel
Kris Viruel
Mathilde La Dolce Vita


Isabella Tritthart
Aidan Murphy
Emilly Bessa
Ericka Sarda


Alya Yersu Toraman
Greer Samuels
Grace Grigg


Aliya Hidirlar's work serves as an ever-growing amalgamation of her identity through notions derived from both her Turkish Ottoman roots, and her upbringing in the suburbs of Southern California. While growing up in Orange County, she felt a strong disconnect and lack of belonging within her environment and turned to the punk and beach rock scenes. As her appreciation for music grew she gradually developed a greater connection with her Turkish heritage and came across the nonconforming, Turkish Psychedelic Rock artists of the seventies. Their abilities to seamlessly mix traditional folk music and western sounds inspired her to incorporate their ideologies into her own body of work. Her world is an in-between that is influenced by both Turkish Psychedelic Rock and the punk and beach rock scene in Socal by using western construction techniques and Turkish traditional textile developments including the use of angora locks, raw horse hair, and handcrafted metal adornments.