Madison Seidman

Fashion Product
Image: Carla and Her Friends
Image: Aesthetic
Image: Research
Image: Extension Iteration
Image: Comb Prototyping
Image: Comb Collection
Image: Comb Collection with Extensions
Image: Comb 9
Image: Comb 4
Image: Comb 6
Image: Comb 2
Image: Comb 3
Image: The Carla Collect


Madison Seidman, originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania,

derives most of her inspiration from the simplicity of where

she grew up. She believes that less is always more and treasures the idea of producing work that is timeless.

Madison always starts out designing for her muse, Carla.

She’s a fictional bald and braless character. Ironic enough,

most of Madison’s designs relate back to hair accessories.

While she doesnt dress Carla physically, she dresses her per-

sona. The sassy, slaphappy, badass Carla.