Lilly Capombassis

Fashion Product
Subject to Change is a reflection of my experiences of discomfort with accessories. It serves as a solution to help others who experience similar feelings. I wanted to ensure the pieces were comfortable and could adjust to challenge restrictive sizing normatives while allowing the ability to grow with the wearer.
These pieces include adjustable features so that the accessory can adapt. While creating, I wanted to be mindful of the impact my pieces have and to reflect a sustainable mindset. These pieces are made to make you feel good, and last a long time while growing with the wearer.
As a designer with a clothing background, I utilized my knowledge of tailoring, draping and construction to create pieces that prioritized the fit and feel. I find often with accessories, the fit comes much later in the design process, after the appearance has been finalized. For this collection, I discovered the shapes of each product by draping on the foot and shoulder of myself and others to figure out the most comfortable, organic shapes.
I conducted research with a wide range of people to find out where accessories can do better. All of my pieces include adjustable features and are meant to adapt to your body. Their pillowy nature and muted color palette furthers this idea of nostalgic comfort.


Lilly Capombassis is a talented Canadian American designer whose passion lies in creating effortless clothing and accessories that make people feel good and look good. Her designs are inclusive and suitable for all, and she takes pride in ensuring that her creations fit perfectly.

Lilly's designs are aimed at challenging the restrictive norms of sizing, and she achieves this by crafting soft, adjustable pieces that can mold to your body and adapt to your body's changes. She draws inspiration from her mother and grandmother's aesthetic and style and loves incorporating meaningful stories into her designs.