Gou Lee

Fashion Product
Video: Fashion Film by Ashley Giles


This product line explores my own experience growing up around frequent earthquakes and other natural disasters in Chile. A true exploration of emotions, such as grief, loss, panic, fear, and pain, which are communicated and translated in the form of color stories, textures in different textiles, and overall mood that resonates with my vision for this collection.
Image: 0.1- Fittings
Image: 0.2- Fittings


Photos by Madeline Mulvey
Makeup by Jonathan Logan
Image: Chloe Abidi
Image: Jacki Morris
Image: Cindy Joo
Image: Models from left to right - Cindy Joo, Chloe Abidi, and Jacki Morris


Gou is a Santiago-New York City based fashion designer who explores her own experiences growing up in South America in a Korean household as part of her design and research process. Her most recent projects have been centered around leather handbags and footwear design, which have slowly become her new career direction and part of her post-graduation plans and aspirations.

As a recent graduate, Gou is currently looking for assistant designer roles in the fashion product industry, where she hopes to continue to learn and gain as much industry experience as possible, while also working on her own branding and personal projects.