Flora Hu

Fashion Product


The overarching theme of “belonging to a place” was the jumping-off point for the exploration of my inner multi-cultural identity and the navigation of multi-faceted cultural identities in today’s society. Growing up in two extremely distinct places with an ethnicity not native to either of those places, I’ve always struggled to answer the question of where I am from. Is it France because I was born there? Or is it China because that is what my appearance reveals? Or is it America because I’ve lived there the longest?
I’ve commonly drawn aspects from different parts of my multi-cultural identity into my work, but each culture has always lived very separately from the others in any of my work as I have struggled to come to an answer to the question of where I’m from. My thesis explores this question, along with why I hesitate and answer differently based on where I’m located and who I’m talking to, and why I struggle so much with identifying where I’m from. In applying these ideas to physical products, I incorporate aspects from each of these cultures within a collection of bags, featuring combinations of iconically French, Chinese, and American details in each product.
Video: Director: Flora Hu, Videographer & Editor: Alexander Sisk
Image: Dahlia Two-Way Tote
Image: Lavande Crossbody
Image: Prospero Expandable Bag
Image: Cloverleaf Shoulder Bag
Image: Roseau Two-In-One Bag
Image: Bonnie Multi-Pocket Bag
Image: Camille Flower Bag

Journey and Process

A collection and documentation of research and development for the coming-to-be of the Intersections Collection.
Image: China: An exploration of silk monoprinted lining inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and calligraphy signature stamps.
Image: America: A development of intersecting and adjustable bag straps reminiscent of the complex highway systems of Houston, Texas.
Image: France: An inspiration from Parisian Art Nouveau doors and gates to develop intricate hardware pieces.
Image: Material Selection
Image: Color References
Image: Product Development Process


Flora Hu is a New York based interdisciplinary artist and designer with a passion for the integration of various media. Born in Paris, Hu was raised between Paris, France and Houston, Texas within the context of a multicultural family. Primarily focused in Fashion Design, Hu's work focuses on accessories design, ranging between handbag, footwear, jewelry, and eyewear design. Other fields of interest include traditional drawing and illustration, painting, and digital design.

Hu looks forward to a future of research and exploration into the integration of Fashion Design with Fine Arts and to creating thought-provoking, innovative, and sustainable design work.