Charlie Ruiz

Fashion Product
Image: Research: the main sources of research for the collection came from the books, “Jocks and Nerds: Men’s Style in the Twentieth Century” by Richard Martin and Harold Koda as well as “American Denim: A New Folk Art” by Peter S. Beagle. “Jocks and Nerds” brought insight to the specific garments and semiotics worn by laborers, hunters and traditional Americana men. Along with academic research, archived family photos were also used to conduct research on the aesthetics of Queens and childhood dolls. 
Image: Sketches and Development
Image: Lookbook


Charlie Ruiz is a rising MFA design student at Parsons School of Design. Her work mainly focuses on accessory design with concepts relating to social commentary on her own Latinx heritage and from her catholic school upbringing in Queens, New York. Within her scope of work, Charlie creates designs surrounding jewelry making, traditional denim construction and menswear. Additionally, over the past year Charlie has mainly been emphasizing the inclusion of traditional craft processes in order to highlight her interest in sustainability within small production manufacturing.

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