Regina Xia

Digital Fashion

Fashion and Game

Regina Xia's thesis project merges the worlds of fashion and gaming into an interdisciplinary artistic experiment using a unique visual language. Through the combination of a 2D game, a 3D game, a pair of exquisitely crafted earrings and a virtual shop inside the game, an immersive and entertaining experience is created for the audience. Through this project, Regina aims to showcase the immense potential of combining fashion and gaming by seamlessly weaving a captivating narrative that showcases the limitless possibilities of merging these two mediums.
Inspired by her 2D game, "Regina's Chess Puzzle," where she designed two characters and transformed them into wearable earrings and playable chess pieces, Regina developed a 3D adventure game called "Across the Mirage", where the player embarks on a quest to discover the accessory in a fantasy chess world. Players can also try the earrings on vritually in a virtual shop inside this game.

① 2D Game: Regina's Chess Puzzle

This is 2D game made by Regina, also the inspiration of the whole thesis project.
Image: 2D Game - Regina's Chess Puzzle Game (scan the code to play on PC)
Image: Characters - Rook and Knight
Video: 2D Game - Regina's Chess Puzzle Game Trailer

② Character and Earring Design

Based on the drawings in 2D game, Regina created 3D characters and earrings.
Image: Rook (2D to 3D)
Image: Knight (2D to 3D)
Image: Earring - Development
Image: Earring - Prototypes and Fitting
Image: Rook Earring
Image: Knight Earring
Image: Digital Line Sheet
Image: Physical Line Sheet

③ 3D Game: Across the Mirage

This is a 3D adventure game created by Regina, inspired by Regina's Chess puzzle and her earring design.
The player plays as the role of Rook and embarks on a quest to discover a pair of hidden earring within a fantasy chess world.

Video: 3D Game - Across The Mirage Game Trailer

(design/art/programming@regina_xia; music@yanave77)
Image: 3D Game - Across the Mirage Game (scan the code to play on PC)
Image: In the game, player can chat with NPC, collect gems and treasue hunt.
Image: Player can freely explore the world and follow the gems to discover the earrings.
Image: The game's scene is make up of various dreamy wonderlands, such as cocktail forest, unicorn pond, star island and chess castle, etc.
Image: Game Scenes in Across the Mirage
Image: Game Scenes in Across the Mirage

④ Virtual Shop

Try it on virtually, wear it in reality.
Image: Earring worn by Virtual Human
Video: Virtual Shop
Image: Once the earrings are discovered in the game, players are taken to a virtual shop where they can use facial motion tracking to try on the earrings on two metahuman models.
Image: Players or cutomers can switch characters to try on the two earrings.

⑤ Game Links

includes Regina's Chess Puzzle and Across the Mirage


Regina Xia is fashion designer and a game developer, with a background in digital fashion and game design.

Born and raised in Shanghai, China and now based in New York City, with a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision, Regina is dedicated to creating fantastical worlds that combine the worlds of gaming and fashion. 

As a 3D artist, game designer, and fashion designer, Regina's work encompasses a range of disciplines, all focused on creating immersive, otherworldly experiences, from digital to physical. With a commitment to innovation and a bold, adventurous approach to her work, Her ultimate goal is to build games about fashion, and to bring her unique, game-inspired designs to life in the real world.