Jiyeon Hwang

Digital Fashion
Video: 3D Animation <PAUSE>


Drawing an image in my head while reading a book is my old habit. While my eyes are reading the texts, the image is drawn in my head naturally makes me forget time and place. This pauses my reality and takes me to another planet.
Dreaming is a big part of me since when I was a child. It allows me to do exciting things that do not exist in the real world. Last summer, I read a book titled <DollarGut Dream Department Store>. This book opened an invisible door in my mind, touched old memories, and became a small enjoyment before falling asleep.
<DollarGut Dream Department Store> is a Korean fantasy novel about reinterpreting a dream. 'DollarGut Dream Department Store' exists in the ‘Dream City’, known as a city selling dreams and dream-related items. People visit there unconsciously while they are sleeping. They buy dreams and pay for the feelings they felt after dreaming, and this is the reason why people dream in the story.
Various quotes, background and character descriptions, interesting objects, and a big chapter became the inspiration. Three images that I sketched based on the inspirations are big themes of the collection. Also, I sketched the garments with merino wool using the wet felting technique, naturally dyed wool with blackberry and blueberry to make certain colors that I needed. These are fully felted couture-based garments from fabric making to sewing with no seams, inserted hidden magnets for opening.
Image: Monster Suit
Image: Pillow Top with Monster Top & Skirt
Image: Mist Top & Skirt
Image: Fog Jacket & Wing Bermuda Pants
Image: Sketch Jacket & Skirt
Image: Cloud Coat
Image: Sleeper Handbag


Jiyeon is a fashion designer based in New York, born and raised in South Korea. She moved to New York to study fashion design after studying sculpture in Seoul. Her educational background as an artist influenced her to design fashion. She creates her own visual resources through 2D and 3D methods including sketching, painting, drawing, and collage as well as sculpting based on her imagination. This is a big part of her creative research process and has become a main inspiration.

Each of her collections has a different imaginative story embodied in rich expressive ways. Her working process is combining craftsmanship such as knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting with digital and technology together. Jiyeon's works are experimental, innovative, and meticulously created. Her design always seeks to be witty, fun and enjoyable.