Jialu Xu

Digital Fashion


I want to talk about the self-contradictions and uncertainties that myself, my friends, and my generation are facing in this most advanced, yet contradictory era of human history. As a designer with a great interest in exploring humanity's relationship to the "unseen," I want to use the shadow of physical garments as a metaphor for the hidden selves behind our physical existence. My aim is to express the contradictory aspects of humanity through the dark and negative.
Personal full length portfolio in web link at the end.
Image: Garment design: Jialu Xu (Emily) / Photographer: Franklin Yeep
Image: Garment design: Jialu Xu (Emily) / Photographer: Franklin Yeep
Image: Polaroid/ photographer: Franklin Yeep @analogfps
Image: Polaroid/ photographer: Franklin Yeep @analogfps


The thesis collection comprises two distinct parts, the first of which involves the physical construction of the concept, which served as its initial starting point.
Video: Process of working in the dark
Image: Shadow can be seen from different angles
Image: Sample crochet swatches
Image: Hand crochet patterns into human faces
Image: fitting in process_1
Image: fitting in process_2
Image: Shoe making process
Image: Finished hand crochet body suit


The second part of my thesis is a fully digital component that was inspired by the physical making process. In an effort to push the boundaries of digital creativity beyond the limitations of shadows, I have incorporated various techniques to produce a dynamic and engaging digital experience for viewers. Specifically, I have leveraged my knowledge of digital tools to create a 360-degree rotating avatar that presents viewers with an ever-changing and unique perspective. By utilizing this technology, I aim to provide a new level of interactivity and engagement for viewers, allowing them to see different faces and perspectives as the avatar rotates. Ultimately, the second part of my thesis seeks to bridge the gap between physical and digital art, providing a new perspective on the ways in which these mediums can intersect and complement one another.
Video: Digital look1 full turntable
Video: Digital look 1 shoe turntable
Video: Digital look 2 full turntable
Video: Digital look 2 shoe turntable
Video: Digital look 3 full turntable
Video: Digital look 3 shoe turntable


Jialu Xu, also known as Emily, is a dynamic fashion and digital fashion designer based in New York City. With a passion of exploring humanity's complex relationships and emotions, Emily's art and design work aims to be thought-provoking and visually striking. Through her unique and often contradictory art methods, she seeks to push the boundaries of creativity, resulting in designs that are both innovative and abstract. Beyond garment design, Emily has a keen interest in various design disciplines, including accessories, shoes, and digital art. She believes in the importance of preserving traditional craftsmanship while also embracing the possibilities of futuristic digital design.

In her current role, Emily is focused on further expanding her creative horizons by exploring new approaches to design that incorporate the latest digital technologies alongside traditional techniques. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of design and a deep understanding of the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship, she is poised to continue making a significant impact in the world of fashion and design.