Helena Han

Digital Fashion
Image: MAE HWA
The cape is inpration from flower 'Mae Hwa.' It is Korean name of the flower in photos. Maehwa, along with orchids, chrysanthemums, and bamboo, is called Sagunja, symbolizing the scholar's principles and incision about 500 years before. The meaning of the Mae Hwa is clean heart and innocence.
Image: This look, 'Florish' was inspired by "Changdeokgung", a Korean ancient palace. Among the many palaces, the most beautiful garden is famous, and it is one of the places that Koreans want to visit. The garden is called the "Secret Garden," but it is a colorful space with strong colored flowers to subtle green combinations. This is a meaningful place that made me feel the splendor and brightness of the old palace.
Image: After the splendid beauty of the old palace, modern simplicity was expressed. Despite the traditional pattern, this look does not feel vintage at all due to the modernity of the material. Although it was inspired by tradition, it was combined with various new technologies such as laser cutting to complete a beautiful Look.
Image: I created a new textile using the pattern of the 'Cott Sal Moon'. When I break it into small pieces, six pieces gather to form a flower shape, and when the other sides are connected again and again, it becomes a large door frame.
Image: This is an idea that combines the connecting idea of the JOGAKBO with the continuity of the door pattern, and I created these pieces using laser cutting and created a large fabric by creating numerous pieces.
Image: Created a bigger fabric using the 'COTT', textile pieces I made. This is a combination of the quilting idea of the JOGAKBO, and it was reborn as a fabric with a large volume by gathering a bunch of pieces.
Image: Cot Shin is one of the Korean traditional shoes. It is mainly worn by women, and it has a pointy edge on the toes I got these shoes from Korea and copied the pattern of this using muslin. And developed them in my own style.
Image: After a total of eight demonstrations, the modernized version of Cot Shin was completed.
Image: All pattern-making was made using CLO3D. Matching the size of the avatar with the size of the real model and creating the patterns to fit the avatar, and Making the real clothes using this pattern. This is a new way to make couture clothes, and it's a good way to reduce the fabric for the demo, even when you think about environmental sustainability. To create the demo of the shoes, I was using a 3D carving app called 'Nomad' on IPad and painted by the other app called 'Procreate'
Image: This space was created with the motif of an old palace in Korea, and with various details and neat colors, you can see the modernity even in the antique shape. I collaborated with other digital creators who can use MAYA, and the collaborator create an environment for my collection. And made a video of the runway show in that space.
Image: Adobe AERO is an augmented reality authoring and publishing tool by Adobe Inc. This app is designed to make it easier for people to experience augmented reality, and people will be able to look at my collection in more detail through augmented reality.


Helena Han is a New York-based artist whose expertise is in fine art, fashion design, and digital fashion design. Although she is based in New York, she expresses the image and culture of Korea, where she was born and raised, with her own modern ideas combined with her work.

Another name for Helena is 'Jinkyoung Han'. The name 'Jinkyoung' means "The brightest Star" in Korean and was named by her grandfather to become the brightest person. In order to become a shining person like the meaning of her name, she will present various interesting designs.