Donna Nicole

Digital Fashion
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Audio: Audio Recording of my mother recalling the memory of my grandmother.
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Audio: Audio Recording of my cousin Danny recalling the memory of my grandmother
Image: A photograph of my grandmother talking and laughing as a photo is taken of her freezing this moment in time.

Remember Me

Remember me is a body of work that explores my memory of my grandmother. My work underwent several transformations, but the experience of a few personal losses earlier this year, I was reminded of the same sense of loss I felt back when we lost my grandmother. With this year being the 10th year that she's been gone and me feeling that bittersweet sense of nostalgia, I set off to celebrate the memory of my grandmother and to share the experience of her existence with others. I grew up around my grandmother and she had a huge influence over me. From my love of plants and flowers, all the way down to my love for clothing. The Project of Remember Me allows for you all to escape into a realm that blurs the lines of memory and dreams while giving people the chance to experience what it would be like to speak with my grandmother. I hope that this experience will remind you all of the warmth of your own loved ones who no longer roam the earth with us, but who live on in our memories. Remember Me serves as celebration and the experience of the memory of a loved one to showcase how that remembrance of a person can keep them alive even long after they're gone.
Video: A clip speaking to the AI of my grandmother with a short clip of the scene visible in VR. This project is still under development as I work to fix errors in the software I use for a more immersive experience for my audience. For updates on when the VR project will be released to the public, please take a look at my personal website for further information. Thank you.


Donna Nicole is a digital designer based in New York. Her current line of work dabbles in the use of VR/AR technology, AI systems, Clo 3d, and Unreal Engine. She’s been using digital applications like Blender and Unreal Engine since high school and is continuing to grow her knowledge in these applications through continual experimentation. The content of Donna’s work commonly connects back to emotional connections as well as memories of her past. She has an interest in human connectivity and their shared emotional responses. Donna Nicole has studied fashion and design at Parsons School of Design and had previously studied Visual Arts at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She looks forward to seeing a future in digital fashion and seeing how shared experiences can bring people from all over, much closer together.