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Digital Fashion
Video: What is Saint? For centuries, human beings have tried to live and find their purpose of living in life. They seek advancement in the wiseness of mind, the strength and connection of embodiment, and the fulfillment of the soul to live for happiness to find purpose. This project Saint, represents not only the collection, but a story of seeking connection from the self, to others, and the universe. It presents a process of evolution about spiritual change, technology, and the identity of human beings. Through the transformation in 3 layers of clothing, which represent the past, present, and future in time, the identity of the dancer is exposed through the generating and regenerating of visual and movement languages; with a narrative 10 min dance film starting from the world a Pangea, to natural disasters, and to digitalized heaven.

Director: Audrey Chou
Producer: Audrey Chou
Choreographer: Audrey Chou
Cinematographer: Ranya Chen Aloui
Digital and Physical Fashion Design: Audrey Chou
Art Direction: Audrey Chou
3D Environment: 00 Zhang
Co Choreo & Dancer: Haze Kim, Ning Hsiao, Joy Lee
Make Up Artist: Wakana Ichikawa
Hair: Risako Itomochi
Accesorries Design: Stella Fu
Video Editing: Audrey Chou
Music Producer: Bruno Bak
Colorist: Audrey Chou
Gaffer: Adam Holoubek
Key Grip: Haylry Jesnne Shaw
Set Design: Charlotte Shi
Production Assistant: Elin Kuo ,William Park, Emily Xu

Image: Saint Editorial
Image: Photography: Audrey Chou
Producer: Audrey Chou
Art Director: Audrey Chou
Retouch: Audrey Chou
Light Assistant: Kuan Hsieh
Models: Haze Kim, Ning Hsiao, Joy Lee
Make Up Artist: Wakana Ichikawa
Hair: Risako Itomochi
Accesorries Design: Stella Fu
Stylist: Tianyun Lan
Image: The completion of Saint project will be ending with a live show on 5/16/2023 at Persona Studios. Second Tribe, we put together a show of emerging artists from music, fashion, dance, and technology as a community @second_tribe.


Audrey Chou is a New York based multidisciplinary artist from Taipei working in the fields of photography, research, design, filmmaking, performance and interactive installation, exploring the ideas of embodiment, identity, and transformation. Audrey’s role in each of her projects ranges from creative director, to still and moving image maker, to choreographer, to graphic and fashion designer. Oftentimes combining multiple skill sets bringing together a range of design system methodologies to realize her concepts. 

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