Zhen Yang

Illuminated flowers-In Pursuit of Pureness
Titled "Illuminated flowers-In Pursuit of Pureness", this collection draws inspiration from my cherished childhood memories of visiting Tibetan temples with my parents. I recall gazing into the eyes of Buddha and communicating with them from the depths of my heart. I am deeply inspired by the vivid colors of Tibetan butter flowers, which are often used in traditional Tibetan art and culture. In Tibetan culture, butter sculptures are a common offering in temples and monasteries, and the use of these flowers in these sculptures is significant.


Zhen Yang graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design in 2023. She draws inspiration from her cultural heritage of Tibet and China, blending it with Western culture to create a unique aesthetic. Zhen is particularly drawn to minority groups, using her designs to showcase the rich and colorful way of life pioneered by her ancestors.

Zhen's designs aim to evoke joy, energy, and vitality in others, as she believes that the right use of color can transform mood and emotion. Drawing from her personal experiences and Buddhist beliefs, Zhen has achieved inner peace, even in tumultuous situations. Living in New York City has further fueled her personal and professional growth, teaching her to embrace individuality, appreciate diversity, and pursue her passions.

The contrast of cultures that Zhen blends in her designs is born from her spiritual and sacred upbringing in Tibet, which she has melded with her experiences living in New York City.