Yuchen Yu

Image: Model in denim/chiffon fabric manipulation dress, with silhouette inspired by kendo aromor.
Image: Illustration


The collection is inspired by the designer's personal experience practicing Japanese martial art of sword fighting called Kendo. The garments are designed to embody the feeling of being enclosed by the armors and feature a combination of research elements from both Eastern and Western armors. The designer chose denim and chiffon as the main fabrics, each with different weights, and used fabric manipulations to convey the physical and textural feeling perceived by the mind while wearing Kendo armors.

The works are characterized by an abstract experimentation of fusing antique chraftmanship with modern materials, including metal, beafs, silver threads, liquid latex, denim and chiffon.
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Image: Inspiration from Kendo-Japanese martial art of sword fighting


Yuchen Yu is a Shanghai-born fashion designer, she expertize in textile exploration and expressive forms. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Yuchen's passion lies in print and pattern design, fantasy and concept building. Her collections are immersive and imaginative narratives inspired by personal experiences, reflecting a deep exploration of the relationship between everyday objects and human emotions. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, Yuchen's work captures the essence of her unique perspective, resulting in captivating designs that blend artistry and storytelling.