Yiwen Liu


Barbaric Growth

This is my last year at parsons, so i decided to take a long time to look at myself and the relationship between me and my design. I have lived in a collectivist society since I was a child, and I feel that my heart is relatively marginal. Because I always try to not be domesticated, not bound by rules. To have strong self-awareness. I willing to break through myself under this fog, I want to stretch out my thorns and my tentacles to touch and absorb my own nutrients. I have always had a great interest in the wild growth of plants. The tenacious vitality and unruly growth form of plants resonate with me. This is a parallel metaphor. So I named this collection "barbaric Growth".
I love to explore marginal culture and pay attention to marginal characters. They are isolated, and marginalized people in a narrow sense refer to people who are separated from mainstream social groups in all aspects. This collection aims to explore the similarities between marginalized people and plants in the context of fashion. Marginalized people are just like plants, are often overlooked and undervalued in our society, yet they possess a resilience and beauty that is often ignored. I hover between fascination with fringe culture and danger. The structure of plants is abstract but regular at the same time. I extract the outline design of the garment from the internal and external structure of the plant.


Liu Yiwen is a fashion designer. Now studying at The New School Parsons. Liu Yiwen is good at concretizing abstract concepts and abstracting concrete concepts. She believes that the mission of being a fashion designer is not only to design wearable clothes, but to express the multifaceted nature of this society through clothing as a carrier. It is a process of finding yourself. I hope to help more people find their own world through my design, and let the audience have a deeper association.