Yihan Guan



In the world of myth, every life is endowed with imagination and story. Even though they are not living humanly, they are also endowed with the capacity to love.
In Eastern mythologies, in addition to God and humans, there is a unique charm of the role, called the "Yao". They are both good and evil, living between light and shadow. Through magic, they become beautiful and charming women who want to obtain and protect fragile love that cannot be discovered. They hide their non-human identities, hiding their truest selves in darkness and shadows to avoid detection, sharing only the appearance of sparkle.
This collection is inspired by the love stories of goblins in Eastern mythologies. By exploring the relationship between light and shadow and the body, combined with Eastern Asian traditional painting and aesthetics, clothes, and wearable sculpture to retell the story.


Yihan Guan was born and raised in China. Guan moved to New York for education at Parsons School of Design in Fashion Design in the year 2019. Before fully dipping into the fashion industry, she had a great cultural background for traditional Chinese and Eastern art and history which had influenced and inspired her for her creation of work. Guan also has a unique sense of color and she is good at associating with textile to depict imagination and stories. Guan believes that fashion and art are a medium of self-expression and cultural aesthetics, that her work mainly focuses on womenswear and combines fabrications and material with wearable sculptural structures to explore the intersection of Eastern traditions, history, and culture in fashion and art through new understanding and creativity.