Yidan Zhang


About Light Echoes

This is a clubwear collection. I am a young woman who enjoy clubbing very much. Going clubbing brings me joy and preleases my presure. I can show off my personalities and my style under the loud music and disco lights. People will wear fancy clothes in the club to express their own opinions of sexy, express themselves and most importantly, enjoy ourselves!
To improve functionality, I designed unless one invisible and visible pocket to my clubwears. The materials I choose are sporty materals that can be machine washed easily to increase the longevity of clubwears: sports mesh, spendex, jersey and cotton.


As an emerging feminist fashion designer, I believe that fashion is linked not only to aesthetics and myself. Fashion initially for me is about art, expressing, and illustrating. After 4 years of study in Parsons School of Design, I know fashion is more than just for me. I aim to find a bigger meaning of fashion that serves society and people’s needs that start from myself. Upon that, it gives useful meanings to garments who care about what I care about.

I love going to clubs but I found that women’s clubwear lacks functionality and sustainability. That is why I made this clubwear collection that has pockets for women, and found comfortable sporty materials with my fabric prints to make my clubwear more comfortable and easy to clean, and attractive. I am enthusiastic to design garments that are functional, sustainable, and beautiful.