Yichen Wang



Semi-Collapse is a project based on my journey with mental health in 2021 which triggered by a broken friendship. This is a dualism project deeply addresses the feeling contemporary young people all have
Image: Look 3 machine knit sweater+ pleated pants
Image: Look 5 Oblique shoulder cut top + pleated skirt
Image: Look 4 multi textile top + draped skirt
Image: Look 1 suit dress with tucked pleat on the back, designed front pattern.
Image: Look 2  deconstructionism base dress + machine knit sleeves + macrame top layer.


   Yichen Wang is a designer & artist based in New York City. Yichen has multicultural backgrounds including Shanghai, Los Angeles and New York; it gave Yichen a unique perspective of ascetic vision and strong ability of creation. She believes that my unique aesthetic view grows under multi culture, and environments. Yichen is a visionary designer who has an innate passion for creating elegant and innovative designs. Yichen was not only practicing art and design, and also developing creative and expressive skills at Parsons. She decided to start her earlier preparation for. Yichen was an undergraduate student at Parsons majoring in Fashion Design, and minoring in Economics at Parsons School of Design. Yichen expects to graduate on May 31th, 2023. 

     Her work features a unique blend of tradition and modernity, seamlessly blending classic design elements with contemporary aesthetics. Her designs are marked by exquisite attention to detail and a superb sense of craftsmanship, creating products that are both beautiful and functional. Yichen's design philosophy is deeply rooted in her belief that design can not only be a force for positive change in her life, but can also express her feelings and thoughts. She is always looking for new ways to use her skills and creativity to make a meaningful impact, whether through sustainable design practices or through design to raise awareness of important social issues.

     Yichen believes that she’s a person who takes aesthetics into consideration, and also has the ability to communicate and cooperate with others.