Xueer Han


Return To Origin

Fashion for me is a media that can express to the outside world about the designer's feelings, desires, intentions and preferred; also it is a process of finding yourself. During this diver and international study and life, I start to wondering What has brought me to here, what has subconsciously influenced my view of fashion, and what has shaped my aesthetic. In this thesis, I go back to my culture. I researched and studied ancient Chinese calligraphy, furniture, and traditional clothing and discover the commonalities between ancient and modern, Eastern and Western in fashion.
I extracted the elements of ancient Chinese aesthetic and combined them with the modern sewing and pattern-making techniques I learned to make this collection. This collection, I discovered the same fashion and aesthetic elements used on ancient Chinese furnitures, calligraphy, and traditional clothing. I took these elements directly and evolved into modern designs.

Research Process

I researched and studied about Chinese calligraphy, traditional clothing, and furnitures.


Xueer Han is a Chinese born NY based designer. She is a designer, an artist, and a traveler. She travels to learn about the world, to enrich her life and to draw energy from it. She is fascinated about studying the cultures of different countries and times, and the evolution of art. She draws inspiration from them to create art and design. She is obsessed with merging Eastern and Western culture and contemporary fashion to create diverse and classic designs.