Xinxin Zhang

"Revel in Light" delved into the essence of feminine energy.
By proposing an abstract metaphor that compares feminine energy to light energy, Designs combine natural sunlight, scientific knowledge of light, the shape of Chinese lanterns, and garden window frames. a Deeper understanding of how to capture and visualize this delicate energy built up in the process.
Beginning with studying light in physics, I establish a foundation for depicting light as straight lines and curved waves. To initiate the design process, I used spray paint to create patterns that inspired me visually. I then drew on historical research on the shape of garden windows and lanterns which provide inspiration for the silhouettes.
Design experimentations aim to answer my uncertainty about feminine energy.
Eventually, design outcomes celebrate my discovery of feminine energy through light energy and exploring the power of light from an oriental-philosophical perspective.

I looked at the light in many different ways.

 First was natural sunlight and scientific knowledge of light. They triggered me to depict light as straight lines and curved waves. To initiate the design process, I used spray paint over curved paper stripes to create those patterns and transferred them into print designs.
Also, I transferred the paper stripes to the lower skirt design in the silver look and to the shoulder accessory on Vinca. The shape of paper stripes draped on the body transformed into the earring’s shape later.
Then, I drew on historical research on the shape of Chinese-garden window frames and lanterns which provide inspiration for the silhouettes of this collection.
I used laser cuttings on thick acrylic boards with window frame shapes. By moving them on the body, I developed my initial designs and this acrylic accessory.
Lightness and movement are important for my design, so I start to involve thinner flexible plastics. Look 2 is a combination of lightweight plastic and jersey with hand stitches that hold them together. 
Besides these, I also developed 2 perfumes. I hope they can add one more dimension to my metaphor comparing light and feminine energy. They are called 3000K and 5600K.  
The one with a silver cap is 3000K because this is considered the most comfortable inside-room light temperature. The other one with a yellow and transparent cap is 5600K because this is an sunny day’s average natural light temperature.


Xinxin Zhang is a Chinese fashion designer who is born and raised in Beijing, China. She considers the design process as an intuition-guiding experimentation process. Xinxin Zhang’s design was inspired by art, science, and spiritual practice as well as her unique personal experience in Chinese culture.

She enjoys transferring abstract concepts to resiliently energized visions in fashion design. Movements and wearer-garment interactions integrate her so-surrealism design.

Xinxin Zhang bonds clothes that make the wearer feel empowered which builds aesthetics without pressure on the body. She always challenges herself with the limitations of a new vision in oriental-mined design.