Xiaoxiao Li



People seem to have a lot. Do people really own a lot? Is the premise of having it to be accepted and liked?
Life has never existed independently of loneliness. Whether we are born, we grow, we love each other or we succeed or fail, until the end, loneliness exists like a shadow in the corner of life.Just like we are riding the subway, there will always be other passengers in a car. You may sit side by side, or hold the same crowded handle for a short time, or even occasionally have a brief conversation. However, after arriving at our respective destinations, we packed up and naturally said goodbye, and then went to the next section of the journey, colliding with different people. 


Xiaoxiao Li

New York based designer originally from China. With a diverse educational background of studying in Singapore for five years and Los Angeles for two years, finally landed in New York for six years until now. Growing up independently, reading became one of the most important things in her life. Reading and thinking is an art. Designing her own inner world with this reading knowledge gives her no limitations and boundaries. As a female designer, she likes to explore the contrast aesthetic. Currently working on male ready-to-wear, but welcome females to present it. Creativity has no limitations that come from her sharp observations around the world and deep reflection of her experiences.