Will Wonwoo Kim

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In the collection, I reinterpreted the dna of confidence and sensitivity based on my personal history of emotional fragility and social pressure that I have faced.

My intentions of pursuing the image of a deeply charismatic woman is a significant part of this collection. This is the story of overcoming one’s own inner weakness and low self-esteem through my clothes and becoming stronger.

SASU is a Korean word meaning complete protection and tight defense. It is used in a situation where a person or a thing is in a desperate need of protection.

Like the saying, the best defense is a good offense, in military term it also means a person who shoots guns or arrows. This sense of SASU truly captures the essence  of this collection. In order to protect something of great value, you have to fight for it.

With this notion, my concept for this collection is about protecting my vulnerability but yet giving a placebo effect of gaining self confident.
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Will Kim likes to work with the everyday feelings and conflicts that he experienced in the past. This was such an interesting topic for him because when he had to go to military after his first year at Parsons, he had a lot of conflicts while adjusting to an extremely structured environment compare to his NYC life. Since he had an experience of isolating himself from all social medias and able to focus purely on himself, he started to have a better understanding of forming his own identity. Will Kim is New York based artist, he has been exploring his skill in fashion film making for past several years. Originally a fashion designer, who has multicultural backgrounds including South Korea, America and Singapore, has integrated his exploration in film production with his fashion design experience, bringing unconventional multidisciplinary designs in fashion, art and technology