Wenyi Si

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Interspersing the ambience of home with our daily life, I want my life to slow down, at a pace I can really feel it. I rely on a “home” space that is relaxing, comfortable and lovely. This small world contains your pure true self and you fully accept the current moment as it really is. Focus on the inner self, then connect with the outside. The relationship between personal space and the outside world is like the relationship between our hearts and external thoughts.

This project presents a process of exploring a comforting balance between perfection and natural occurrence. Accepting imperfection and discomfort is a way to reach more perfection and comfort. I conduct certain controls in some parts of the process and accept the spontaneous growth from the objects and the environment themselves. The translucent layered fabrics are comforting and airy, giving the pieces an ethereal quality. The wearer feel as if they are melting into the environment and becoming one with it.

☁️ into the light, a cloud

From sleepwear to outdoor wear, with soft accessories and lifestyle objects.
Allow objects, time and space to connect, communicate and join naturally and spontaneously.


云☁️ cloud 枕头🥣 softness 窗 hug


面包🍞 bread 床 home🪟


凝固🪨 stone 松软🌫️ random 雪


流动 water 聚合 wind🌬️ 通透 nature


光 light 雨🌨️ heal 🌸点点


☁️Wenyi Si is an artist from China and currently studying fashion design in New York. She approaches life with a sincere and delicate attitude. Observing the world and nature, allowing space and the moments to join with the materials poetically.

She is not practicing fashion, instead, she is just feeling, imagining and making. She finds commonalities in crafting from garments, ceramics and breads. Felt that the materials and hands are united as one. Without thoughts and distractions, hands are moving on it, but as a whole, it was peaceful and quiet. The objects and her are together in a slow transformation, softly hugging each other's motions and emotions.

All things grow in a state of natural occurrence, while humans establish an increasing number of frameworks and rules within it. A comfortable life seeks to find a subtle balance between the self and others, between the self and mind, between the self and space, the society, and nature. Wenyi pursues happiness, freedom and inner balance, building a healing daily life atmosphere from her crafted works.