Wenxin Ke

Video: "Back to Earth"
Music: "Sexy Fashion Beats (Simulate)" by Coma-Media
Videographer: Wenxin
Model: Nuage
Edit: Wenxin

Collection C8

Wenxin Ke

Back to Earth

When our loved ones pass away, we are upset about how something, no matter if it is an accident, disease, or natural age takes them away. Nature is cruel and ruthless, but at the same time, it is also gentle and tolerant. It can be chaotic but also has its own mystery system to keep everything going for over 4 billion years.
When we die, there are many ways to handle our bodies, such as burial or cremation. However, in some way, death can be seen as setting our spirit free. We become our most natural form, our body returning to it’s most basic elements. We are no longer limited by the physical body. We can be anything and go anywhere. When we die we return to nature and become a part of it. 
Image: Reference
Image: #1 Low Top Mule with fabric scrap
Image: Historical Influence
Image: Sketches
Image: Color & Fabric
Image: Materiality:
#1 Pull-thread Weaving that turn a flat surface uneven
#2 Ribbon Weaving
#3 Using fabric as thread to create a pocket that can hold small object insde
#4 Leftover fabric weaved as the sandle top
Image: I ceated specific wood frame based on the thechnical paper pattern, then drilling holes along the edge for supporting thread.
For more natural looking, I made my own yarn with drop spindle so the tensions can be different.
Image: Coats On
Image: Coats Off
Image: Collection Accessories:
Ceramic Belt Buckle
Image: Collection Accessories:
Ceramic Necklace (on the most right figure)
Image: Collection Accessories:
Left: Ceramic Necklace
Right: Fur Bucket Bag


Wenxin Ke is a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she earned a degree in Fashion Design. At 25 years old, Wenxin is passionate about using fashion as a means to address global challenges such as sustainability and human rights. Her ultimate goal is to create work that contributes to solving these pressing issues.

Wenxin is a highly motivated individual who is always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Through her studies at Parsons, she gained valuable skills and knowledge that will help her achieve her career goals. She is now eager to apply these skills in her professional life and make a positive impact on the world.

In addition to her background in fashion design, Wenxin has also explored other artistic fields such as photography, fine art, and hand-craft art. These diverse experiences have given her a unique perspective on art and design and have helped her find new ways to approach problem-solving.

Wenxin believes that fashion design is an important method of storytelling, and she intends to use her skills and experiences to present unique and interesting stories to her customers. She is excited to start her career in the fashion industry and hopes to contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Wenxin's educational journey started at Pasadena City College in 2016, where she spent two years before transferring to Genesee Community College in upstate New York. She continued her studies there for another two years before making her way to New York City to pursue her passion for fashion.

In her free time, Wenxin enjoys reading, drawing, and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. These hobbies allow her to find inspiration and relaxation, which she believes are important for fostering creativity and innovation in her work. Wenxin's love for fashion design has been a long-standing passion, and she has worked hard to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.