Tianyue Xing


Tianyue Xing

The Scuptural Body
2023 Spring Summer Collection
Image: Model: Helu Chen; Tianyue Xing
Photographer: Avery Yuan
Image: 3D explorations and draping
Image: With the experience of studying Greek and Roman classic sculptures, it is easy to notice the celebration of nudity has always been the topic of sculptures. I started to question what if we create a collection inspired by sculpture.
Image: Silhouette inspired by the abstract modern sculpture and performing arts
Image: There are three directions to my collection. One of them is inspired by performing art and the shape of the dancers' movements. Martha Graham is well-known as a pioneer dancer who created many dramatic movements in ballet dance. Her works dive into intensive movements and emotional expression. I am always interested in the potential of our bodies, which to me, has a sculptural vibrancy.
Image: Lastly, I was hoping that one of the looks could draw inspiration from a famous sculpture. I end up choosing Venus de Milo as my muse. By exploring the silhouette and draping fabrics, I've also added a modern element with bones echos with my third direction of the collection, modern sculptures.

Tianyue Xing's passion for the creative arts has been a driving force in her life since she was a child. Growing up in Beijing, she was surrounded by art and culture and began studying art at a young age. This early exposure to the arts helped her develop a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for creativity and self-expression.

Tianyue came to the United States at the age of 14 for high school and later enrolled in Parsons. Through her studies at Parsons the New School, Tianyue has honed her artistic skills and developed a unique artistic vision that combines multiple influences and styles. She draws inspiration from the diversity of beauty and the uniqueness of the human body. Tianyue’s art reflects a deep understanding of the human experience and an appreciation for the beauty of