So Young Jang


A Thousand Words

Through my thesis collection, I portray the experiences in my upbringing that shaped who I am today. Looking back, I have always been fascinated by the idea of using art as a means of communication when language failed me in conveying meaning and emotion. Growing up in a multicultural environment where two languages were intertwined, I experienced immense frustration and confusion when trying to express myself in a language that was newly introduced, alongside the language that was native to me.
I explore the ways in which linguistic confusion can be reconciled by art, a substitution by a visual language that could be understood by anyone, free to their subjective interpretation. I attempt to tie these two contrasting concepts together in my work. My garments combine elements of both languages that represent “confusion of convoluted languages” transcribed into “scribbles that serve as freedom of expression.” Ultimately, I aim to create a visual hybrid that speaks to the complexity of my personal experiences and to the larger themes of multi-cultural identity that can also promote a sense of unity and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds. From my personal experience, I wanted to convey how art has served me to transcend linguistic barriers and confusions, expressing and fostering understanding of myself.


So Young Jang is a fashion designer based in New York. Her passion for arts and fashion design began at a young age as she always viewed the world with her imagination. Born in South Korea and raised in America, So Young struggled to merge her two cultures in her lifestyles growing up. She found a way to truly embrace both of her cultures by harmonizing them with her visual creativity. Her designs embody her cultures and personal experiences, creating balance between the contradicting ideas. She is fascinated by how two completely different ideas and objectives can coalesce, and she discovers innovative designs that epitomizes elegance and exceptionality.