Sienna Lin


Breaking Boundaries: Boldness and Subtlety.

This collection brings together the concepts of architectural structure and feminine fluidity.
Technical, yet sensual. A cohesive blend of strength and fragility, boldness and subtley.
Image: Home of Desert: Bold Fluidity and Subtlety
Video: To Hightlight Craftsmanship and Creativity
Image: Look 1
Image: The Pleats
Image: Look 2
Image: Look 3
Image: Look 4
Image: Look 5


Sienna Lin is a New York-based fashion designer from Macau, China. During her undergraduate studies at Parsons School of Design, Lin was nominated for the top 50 in the Arts of Fashion Foundation competition and the Supima Competition in 2023.

Lin’s work identity is characterized by a sleek, modern aesthetic that incorporates innovative construction techniques, contrasts of colors, and a focus on clean lines. She generally looks to sources unrelated to fashion for inspiration, including art, architecture, and music. Lin aims to create new ideas and new forms that don’t follow any rules or conform to the trends of the time, in order to play, evoke, inspire, and resonate with the audience.