Shuyu Zhou


K- 7 0 9 SUMMER 2023 "Entwined Hearts: Love Unraveled"

This collection delves into the intricate tapestry of love, capturing the essence of deep connection, the interplay of harmony and chaos, and the human experience. It meticulously examines the complexities of relationships, the delicate balance of power, and the beauty of raw emotion, revealing the dance between two souls, Api and July, as lovers journeying together through life.
The second phase, represented by black, illustrates the indifference, quarrels, hurts, and self-protection that couples face as their relationship matures. The garments in this set symbolize the challenges of navigating misunderstandings, disagreements, and emotional wounds while learning to protect oneself. The final phase, denoted by nude, embodies the acceptance and inclusive love that warms each other, showcasing a love that is nurturing, supportive, and strong despite the challenges that may arise.
The garments, made from textured and structured leather, each possess unique textures for each phase, further emphasizing the evolution of a love story. This collection transcends trends and invites the wearer to experience the connection and the emotions that bond and define us.

Phase 1: High Fever

Api and July, drawn to each other, are characterized by alternating enthusiasm and indifference. Api created distance to gauge July's feelings, while July sought to understand Api's interests and personality. As the ambiguous stage unfolded, insecurities and questions about the reciprocity of their feelings emerged.
Their doubts were accompanied by passion, excitement, and anxiety about each other's feelings and the uncertainty of their relationship. Api and July engaged in strategic behavior to probe deeper into each other's hearts while adopting self-protective measures like psychological barriers and emotional distance to avoid potential heartbreak.
This phase encapsulated the excitement and fervor of early love, marked by an intense emotional connection and desire. As Api and July navigated their unique journey, the unfolding story of their relationship continued to evolve.

Phase 2: Frigid Fracture

In this phase, Api and July confronted complexities and struggles as their relationship matured. They grappled with misunderstandings, quarrels, and emotional hurts, fostering resentment and even hatred. This animosity led them to build armor and spikes around their hearts, driven by a desire to hurt each other and seek self-protection.
Both Ape and July experienced pain and anguish, caught in a vicious cycle of hurting and being hurt. This challenging phase underscored the harsh reality of navigating relationships and the emotional battles that can arise.

Phase 3: Resonant Pulse

In the Resonant Pulse phase, Api and July found themselves moving beyond the hurts and conflicts of the past. They began to understand, accept, and ultimately embrace their differences, turning them into a source of strength rather than discord. Their relationship, once marred by misunderstanding and resentment, began to heal, transforming into a supportive and nurturing bond.

Their love evolved, becoming a resonant pulse that persisted through trials and tribulations. This pulse was not just a symbol of their endurance, but a testament to their growth and development as individuals and as a couple. They learned to compromise, to forgive, and to continually strive for understanding and empathy.


Kaii is an innovative fashion designer, illustrator, and artist, celebrated for her exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to creating handcrafted leather garments. Possessing a keen eye for incorporating various types and textures of leather, Kaii's work is a testament to her expertise in developing intricate, refined leather pieces that exude female empowerment and beauty.

Her design philosophy is deeply rooted in themes of bondage, the revelation of skin, and the exploration of body silhouettes, creating a harmonious fusion between art and fashion that speaks to the depth of her artistic vision.

Kaii's multifaceted artistry extends beyond fashion design, encompassing physical contemporary art with acrylics on canvas and digital pop art illustrations. This diverse range of creative pursuits showcases her ability to seamlessly merge the realms of fashion and art.