Shiqi Xu

Video: I love looking in the mirror. As I gaze into any reflective surface, my eyes are drawn to my own reflection. My thesis delves into this unconscious behavior and transforms it in a poetic way. In Greek mythology, the tale of a man who fell in love with his own reflection in the water and drowned, transforming into a narcissus flower by the river, gave rise to the word narcissism. I found myself captivated by the romanticism of self-love and acceptance. The metaphor of" turning into flowers" serves as the main design methodology for this collection. Each time we observe ourselves in the mirror, our reflection is both similar and distinct, influenced by the angle, distance, and, most importantly, our physical and emotional state at that moment. Imperfections and perfections harmonize to create a unified whole. Through this collection, I aim to empower individuals like myself to embrace and appreciate every facet of our fragmented images, cultivating a robust sense of self-love.


The Blossom in the Mirror
"Turning into flowers"- Silhouette Development
"Turning into flowers"-Textile Development


The Blossom in the Mirror


The Blossom in the Mirror


Shiqi Xu is an emerging womenswear/couture designer based in New York City. She loves to explore her own stories and emotions and analyze how social issues affect individual behavior to gain design inspiration. Her design language is romantic and poetic. She believes that designing a collection is like writing a poem - delicate, subtle, yet with a lingering aftertaste.

With experiences of living and studying in different countries, including London, New York, and Shanghai, Shiqi values the tradition and culture of her background in China. She likes to experiment with different materials and traditional crafts and convert them into modern fashion. As a graduate who received four consecutive years of dean's scholarship from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design, she has completed a series of internships at top brands and designer brands, including Dior, Celine, and Mingma. These experiences have helped her cultivate a well-rounded understanding of the luxury fashion market in China and New York.