Sang A Park


UNCOVERING THE UNSEEN: Discovering the Beauty of Everyday Objects

My exploration of everyday life memories led to an appreciation for the beauty in ordinary moments and the everyday objects that come with them. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's ready-made concept and Hussein Chalayan's ability to merge technology and design, it led me to a deeper appreciation for the beauty and significance of everyday objects. Through my research, I discovered that even the most mundane objects can be a source of beauty and inspiration.
The objects in our everyday lives are often seen but not given the attention they deserve. In this thesis collection, I aim to bring attention to the three most common but significant objects – a chair, an electrical outlet/wire, and a lamp. These objects are essential in daily life, but their design and aesthetics are often not appreciated. Through my thesis collection, I want to reveal the hidden beauty and meaning in these objects and encourage a deeper appreciation for life's simple and authentic aspects. By highlighting the significance of these everyday objects that are used or seen every day but taken for granted and don’t realize their importance until they are taken away from us, I hope to encourage people to take a closer look at the objects that surround us and find beauty and meaning in their simplicity and functionality.
Video: Behind The Scene


Sang A Park is a designer and artist hailing from Seoul, South Korea, currently based in NYC. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a Fashion Design major. She views fashion as a means of self-expression. Her works are generated and inspired chiefly by her experience, memories, or rational thoughts. She considers clothing an integral aspect of human life that shows one's identity. To create value in clothing, one must consider comfort, elegance, and protection, and these aspects have to be derived from the concept of time, the wearer, and the place.

Her thesis collection, UNCOVERING THE UNSEEN, is a prime example of her innovative and experimental approach to fashion. The collection features a seamless blend of modern, elegant designs with experimental silhouettes that reveal the hidden beauty within. She strives to find the perfect balance between commercial and conceptual design, resulting in a ready-to-wear collection that exudes luxury through its silhouette without being overly ostentatious.

Sang A is committed to pursuing her passion as a designer and artist and will continue to create works that reflect her vision and creativity.