Ruochen Liu

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Comfort Zone

People often condemn themselves to the realm of their comforts, leaving the unexplored as an afterthought. Because of the pressure and uncertainty about life, one feels unprotected and afraid to try new things or present themselves.Yet it is often when people stumble into the unknown that they truly start to discover themselves. There is a misleading perception that people often exhibit optimistic behaviors in social environments yet struggle in hardship when left alone.
By challenging myself and exploring new things, I have learnt to appreciate the unknown and wish to communicate through my pieces a desire to constantly step outside of my comfort zone but at the same time maintain a peaceful and well-balanced life amidst the disarray. Although white and pure, my design conveys the message that one can always spot insecurities if they look closely.
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Ruochen is a NYC-based fashion designer originally from China. Influenced by years of ballet experience, she developed extensive knowledge about the transformation of shape through movements and began to develop keen interest in costume designs and its ability to reflect one’s background, personality and the relationship with the society. This fostered her passion in fashion design, thereby paving the path for her to express herself and tell her story through art. Her designs embody her belief that all matters are an extension of one another. In the same manner, garments are an extension of the human body, enlarging our body language, and displaying the dynamic beauty of human movements.