Robert Ferretti


'Untitled' Artisanal Ready-To-Wear Menswear/Womenswear 2023 Thesis Collection

The in-between timeline of developing into an adult from a teenager is a period of alteration and self-development within different paces of everyday life. These paces can be separated into aspects of static, compartmentalized, predictability or reality of motion, decategorization, and unpredictability. The two juxtaposed paces of everyday activity have aspects that stem underneath them identifying the process in which one reaches adulthood. Some of these aspects include simulation, rebellion against formality and informality, activities and the site of action, etc. In a contemporary mindset, the societal notion of transformation into an adult can be up to interpretation depending on one's own experience when growing up at a young age. A key focus within the result of this process is that there is no “essence” of old age, youth, or adolescence, in other words, we need to free ourselves of that essentialist philosophy that is naive.
Concerning clothes, sewn pieces of fabric that we wear are the most vital expression of one's development seen from an outside perspective. The so-called “objects” included in the collection integrate art and life. This aids in personal storytelling and symbolic motifs up for interpretation by the viewer and muse. Constructed fabric is the site of action for storytelling and time. Clothes are integrated into the ordinary life of the “adult” making these pieces subjectively personal to them through arbitrary decision-making. A combination between teenage rebellion and strict adulthood is seen within the looks of the collection making it difficult to distinguish between the wardrobe of an adult and a teenager.


Robert Ferretti


Dylan Anderson
Lighting Assist:
Chris Kitchen
Issac Hanes, Lily Dozer
Music Composition: