Rachel Min Lee

Image: Photos by Visual Anthropologist Dirk Schlottman
Image: Capturing Korean Shamanic Rituals in South Korea
Image: Close-up of Jesa look
Image: Offerings Accessories
Image: Close-up of rattle
Image: Close-up of Earthly look
Image: Close-up of Weaver look
Image: Crystals sponsored by Swarovski
Image: Jesa Look, Rituals look, Earthly look
Image: Weaver look, Heavenly look, Tree alter look


As a Korean American fashion designer, Rachel Lee creates pieces that reflect her cultural heritage, upbringing, and exploration of the intersections between tradition and modernity. Her designs showcase a harmonious blend of Korean aesthetics and Western sensibilities, using traditional textiles and techniques paired with contemporary silhouettes and styling. Rachel aims to establish a dialogue between the past and the present, honoring her roots while embracing the present. Rachel's collections draw inspiration from Korean culture's rich history and symbolism, with a particular focus on shamanistic and spiritual traditions.

Through fashion, Rachel connects with her ancestors, pays tribute to their legacy, and bridges the generational gap. Ultimately, Rachel aims to create garments that tell a story, elicit emotion, and inspire a sense of connection and belonging. Through her work, she hopes to share her culture with the world and contribute to a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant fashion landscape.

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